Kevin Godley - Linguistic Errors of Judgement

Linguistic Errors of Judgement

Kevin Godley

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Kevin Godley - Linguistic Errors of Judgement

“I’ve been talking to myself a lot recently. Not because no one else will or I’m losing my marbles…it’s how I write lyrics. I juggle random lines until things make some kind of sense, but the world I was writing about for my album Muscle Memory increasingly made less sense than I did, so I ended up with a landfill of questionable observations that l wanted to get off my chest while the cultural goalposts were still moving. CONVERSATIONS WITH MYSELF is the result: a series of spoken word companion pieces to the album tracks that sit somewhere or nowhere between drama, comedy and full-on bile spitting arguments. “The pilot episode ‘Linguistic Errors Of Judgement’ digs deeper into the song ‘Cut to the Cat’ and will be released 25/03/21.


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  1. Kevin Godley - Linguistic Errors of Judgement