Muscle Memory Zoom Q & A session

To celebrate the release of Muscle Memory Kevin Godley will be offering a number of Q & A sessions with fans via Zoom. Limited to 5 places at each Q & A this will be an intimate chance to ask Kevin questions. These events will be first come first served and you will be contacted if your registration is successful. Please tell us your rough location so that we can see which times zones will need to be covered. Hosted on Zoom by The state51 Conspiracy. Dates and details to come.

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Muscle Memory delays notice

Hi, state51 here. As subscribers to this mailing list will know there have been some delays to the production of Muscle Memory during the pandemic. We have now received the Muscle Memory CDs and they are looking fantastic. Orders will be posted right away. [More]

Muscle Memory CD pre-order available now.

The Muscle Memory CD is now available for pre-order.

As subscribers to Kevin's mailing list will know, deciding on a physical format for this incredible album has been a complex process this year. We think we have made something excellent in the Muscle Memory CD which includes a 36-page booklet of lyrics, artwork and information about each remote collaborator to the project, housed in a gatefold CD sleeve. As well as the exclusive bonus track "A Suicide of Angels".

Here's Kevin:

"Having waded through the crap of 2020 and reached this point I’m elated to even be here, let alone here with a solo album about to drop. Dec 17th is the release date, and there will be 12 tracks on it, not 11. I added an extra track as a special bonus for anyone buying the CD and it’s called ‘A Suicide of Angels.’ For me, making this record has been an extraordinary experience, so I hope listening to it will be an equally extraordinary experience for you. KG" [More]

Bulletholes in the Sky

Bulletholes in the Sky is out now. The final single from Muscle Memory before the full digital release on December 17th.

"This song pretty much sums up everything I’ve been singing about on Muscle Memory. It’s a sad, but hopefully not too pretentious glance around the so-called civilised world, as we collectively stumble towards an uncertain 2021" - KG [More]

Song of Hate

Song of Hate is out now! Written by Kevin Godley & Wally De Backer (Gotye)

"There are people in my working life who I've cherished for their talent and dedication. But there’ve also been a few who are so uniquely loathsome and inept that I felt the need to celebrate them here, because no one else ever will…" - KG [More]

Vinyl news

From Kevin:

"state51 and I had to make a tough decision today. We've decided not to release Muscle Memory on vinyl just yet. Why? The album is long…well over 52 minutes so, in order to retain high quality audio, we’d have to press it as a double album which doubles the cost of manufacture. Add to that the Covid crisis backing up pressing plants, creating higher prices for smaller runs and you, the customer having to pay a whopping £30 for the vinyl version of the record. For me this is a totally unacceptable financial model. So, we wait. We stream, we download and we press CDs until such a time as the world returns to normal and we can think again. I know this will disappoint some of you and I’m gutted, but my basic position is that the music is more important than the format so I believe it’s the only sensible solution for now. Roll on 2021 and a way forward." - KG [More]

All Bones Are White

All Bones Are White is out now! Written by Kevin Godley and Giles Perring.

"On August 11th and 12th 2017, the unthinkable happened in Charlottesville Virginia. I was struggling to write my first Muscle Memory lyric to a track by Giles Perring at the time, but couldn’t help stopping to watch the news as the horrors played out on channel after channel. I’d left the track playing in loop mode in my work room and, as it soundtracked the terrifying TV images, the words began to come." - KG [More]

Expecting a Message (Official Video)

Kevin Godley is one of the pioneers of the pop music video. For his single Expecting a Message he has written a unique new chapter in his directorial career.

Here's Kevin:

"This is as DIY as it gets. No film crew, no editor, no budget. The plan was to make a film, stream of consciousness style, doing everything myself, like I’m recording music. Improvise, throw stuff in and make sense of it it later and I did…all except the last bit. I guess it’s a performance film of sorts, all shot within a hundred yard radius of home and, at the risk of this sounding like a commercial, it would’ve been impossible without my iPhone X, Adobe Premier Pro and Wondershare Filmora editing software and two supremely cool apps, GlitchCam and EFEKT. Not sure if it’s the message I was expecting though."

Click this link to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vyxB-4jXJBk [More]